We are open for appointments! Please call or text our 24/7 help line at 662.231.6002 to schedule an appointment. All guests and staff will be provided masks - we love you all and want to keep you safe and healthy! Our doors are open, and we are here for you.

Health Services

Helping individuals to Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Informed.

Pregnancy Clinic

Pregnancy testing, Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound, Counseling in Pregnancy Options, Connecting to Resources in the area.


One on One Mentoring in areas related to Sexual Abuse, Pornography Addiction, Healthy Relationships, Post-Abortion, and Life-Coaching in Biblical Principles.


Empower (Behavioral Risk Avoidance) Program in Area Schools, Parenting Classes, Financial Peace Classes, Fatherhood Mentoring, Social Media Camps



It is normal to be scared, but take a moment to take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay, and we are here to listen, talk, and help.


Seek help.

You are not alone. We have a 24/7, completely anonymous help line. You can ask questions, schedule an appointment, or simply talk to a staff member at 662.231.6002 - this text line is free of charge, anonymous, and an easy way to talk about your worries, concerns, questions, and more.




Get info.

Knowledge is power. Accurate medical information is important before making a decision about your life. You have choices. Our experts help determine important details so that you are equipped to make an informed choice.

"What now?"

No one ever feels ready, but asking questions is a perfect start.

If you and your partner are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you are probably going to have lots of questions and concerns. We are here to listen, answer questions, and guide you in this journey.


Text 662.231.6002 to ask questions, talk to a staff member, or schedule an appointment today. This text line is available 24/7, always anonymous, and completely free.

"Am I ready to be a dad?"

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